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Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of our traditional Victorian conservatories, meticulously crafted and available throughout the enchanting locales of Southampton and its surroundings.

Are you ready to elevate your property with a stunning conservatory extension? Look no further than the timeless charm and modern versatility of the Victorian conservatory. With Liniar’s industry-leading design and manufacturing, coupled with Itchen Glass & Glazing’s unmatched customisation and installation expertise, your dream conservatory is within reach. Contact our dedicated team of conservatory fitters today for further details and transform your living space into a sanctuary of elegance and comfort.

About Victorian Conservatories

Dating back to the 19th century, the Victorian conservatory style epitomizes intricate elegance tailored to complement the period architecture of its time. Originating from a fascination with cultivating exotic plants and foliage at home, the multifaceted design of Victorian conservatories served to nurture plants through the chill of winter.

Remaining a beloved choice in contemporary times, this style boasts a distinctive bay front, a gracefully steeped roof, and ornate ridge details. Whether adorned with a three- or five-faceted front window, the Victorian conservatory infuses traditional charm into any residence, be it a modern construction or a heritage property.


Versatile and visually appealing, Victorian conservatories lend themselves to a variety of uses, including:

Their timeless allure renders them particularly well-suited to period homes, where they seamlessly integrate to enhance both aesthetics and functionality.

Modern Design

While boasting a traditional aesthetic, our Victorian conservatories are meticulously crafted to suit modern living requirements. Engineered by Liniar, each roof prioritizes maximum security and weather resilience. With a robust design, our roofs eliminate any possibility of water ingress, ensuring unwavering protection against the elements. Additionally, innovative security features are seamlessly integrated, guaranteeing that the conservatory remains impervious to external tampering.

Moreover, our conservatories are designed to meet A+ standards of thermal efficiency. Featuring thermal twin-walled top caps, heat retention is optimized within the conservatory. Coupled with the multi-chambered uPVC profile, this ensures a cozy interior even during the coldest winter months, all while minimizing heating costs.

Glazing Options

Careful consideration of glazing options is crucial when planning conservatory extensions. Your choice of glazing significantly influences the overall outcome, whether you prioritize glass panels for enhanced daylight penetration and noise reduction, or opt for a polycarbonate roof to shield against sunlight and glare.

Liniar Products

In addition to your exquisite Liniar Victorian conservatory, an array of customizable options awaits to harmonize with the rest of your property. Choose from bi-fold doors for a stunning open-air ambiance or opt for sliding patio doors to optimize interior space utilization. Our diverse product range offers a multitude of color options and finishes, ensuring seamless integration with your personal tastes and surroundings.

Notes on Victorian Conservatories

Other Conservatory Styles

Not sure this is the right conservatory for you? Take a look at the other styles we offer:

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