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Integral Glass Blinds

Integral Glass Blind boast exceptional versatility, seamlessly fitting into windows and doors where privacy is paramount. They are not only user-friendly but also impervious to dust, moisture, and misuse.

These blinds serve a dual purpose, mitigating solar gain and noise, thereby enhancing the ambiance and ensuring year-round functionality and privacy for any room.

With a variety of operating systems to choose from, including cordless manual controls operated by a sleek sliding magnet and motorized options, there’s a solution for every setting. Motorized units come in both battery-powered and hard-wired versions, catering to different preferences and needs, whether controlled via programmable infrared or radio frequency remotes or integrated into smart home systems.

Available in an extensive range of colors and glazing options, such as solar control, noise reduction, and fire resistance, Integral Glass Blinds offer the perfect solution for privacy and shading requirements in commercial, residential, healthcare, educational, and office settings, regardless of scale.

Integral Glass Blinds are truly versatile. They can be used in windows/Door where privacy is required. Exceptionally user-friendly, Oblivious to dust, Moisture and misuse.

Integral Blinds can reduce the effect of solar gain and sound, Improving the ambience and all-year-round functionality and privacy of most rooms.

Blinds are available with an operating system designed to suit every environment. Manually controlling units are cordless and operated via a smooth, easy-to-use sliding magnet. Motorised units are available in two versions. Battery Powered, which can be controlled via programmable infrared or radio frequency remote units or Hard Wired, Which work as part of a fully automated smart home system.

All products are available in a wide range of colours as well as a full range of glazing options, including solar control, noise reductions and fire resistance. Integral glass blinds are the ideal solution for small, medium or large-scale privacy and shading need within Commercial, Residental, Healthcare, Education and office environment.

Installation ( Manual Magnetic System)